Itabashi Cask Village Hotel Grand Open!

生樽クラフトビールが客室で楽しめる飲食に特化したニュースタイルのホテルが東京板橋にGRAND OPEN!!
Produced by TOKYO ALEWORK!
A new style hotel specializing in food and beverage, where you can enjoy draft craft beer in your guest room, is GRAND OPEN in Itabashi, Tokyo!


”From Tokyo’s post town Itabashi to a bridge to the world”


 私たちは、かつて江戸の四宿の玄関口であった東京の「板橋 (Itabashi)」が、お酒を通して集い合う「名所(Village)」として、美味しいお酒と共に、円熟「樽(Cask)」したひと時を過ごしてもらうようなサービスを提供する思いを込めて「板橋 Cask Village HOTEL」を2022年にスタートしました。

Itabashi Cask Village is a facility where anyone can stay while enjoying alcoholic beverages
including a craft beer brewing experience,TOKYO ALEWORK, M’s Tasting Room where you can taste and purchase whiskey, and a Bistro where you can enjoy delicious wine.
”Itabashi Cask Village Hotel” was born out of the desire to provide a service where Customers can spend their adult time with delicious drinks.